Life Science


RTC-Life Science programme involves import and distribution of laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables for scientific research in molecular biology, specialty genetic researches (PCR method), as well as for endotoxin detection.


In 1990's, our business was based on the sales of laboratory equipment of company Techne.

The development of RTC - Life Science division began in 2003 when we became the distributor of Fermentas laboratory reagents.


Our customer base is composed of various institutes, universities, hospitals and laboratories in Serbia. They highly value the quality of the products we distribute, as well as the after-sales support and services which we provide for them.


Please contact us if you have any questions related to the products of the companies we represent. Our employees are qualified and ready to provide answers in timely manner.


Broadcast & Multimedia

RTC Broadcast division's main focus is delivery of solutions, services and high-end audio and
video equipment. The development of this division is tightly linked to RTC's long term partnership
with Thomson Multimedia, as illustrated by our present day cooperation with the companies that originated from Thomson, such as Grass Valley, a Belden brand, Thomson Video Networks, Technicolor and Thomson Broadcast.

Our key client base consists of public broadcasters, commercial TV stations, telecom & cable operators, video and film production houses.


Telecommunications Division leverages its experience and reputation to provide customers with
hi-tech communications solutions for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and monitoring.


GeneJET™ viral DNA and RNA Purification Kit

GeneJET™ viral DNA and RNA Purification Kit for viral nucleic acid purification from variety of mammalian biological liquids for downstream use in sensitive nucleic acid-based detection assays.[more]

Category: Life Science, Thermo Fischer


aLICator LIC Cloning and Expression System

aLICator LIC Cloning and Expression System is designed for fast and efficient cloning with subsequent tightly regulated gene expression in E. coli. pLATE bacterial expression vectors are designed for the high levels of target...[more]

Category: Life Science, Thermo Fischer

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Grass Valley Adds Flexible Multiviewer Functionality To Trinix NXT SD/HD/3G Router Family

Grass Valley™ will introduce a high-quality, fully integrated multiviewer monitoring capability to its family of Trinix™ NXT multi-format digital video routing switchers.[more]

Category: Broadcast & Multimedia, Grass Valley


Thomson Broadcast Delivers Benchmark Efficiency With Elite 100 GreenPower

Thomson Broadcast today announced the new Elite 100 GreenPower digital television transmitter — an energy-efficient, medium-power-range offering within the company’s Elite GreenPower product family.[more]

Category: Broadcast & Multimedia, Thomson Broadcast

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